Web App. & CRM Development

Not enough hours in the day? Staff wasting time on paperwork? Need to work remotely? Does your business have specific needs not covered by standard software? No this is not an infomercial (there will be no steak knives included), just a ploy to get you thinking about how the way you work could be improved by a customised web application. Using technology to organise, automate and synchronise the way you operate is the smart way forward. Time for your technology based solution?

Taking scrolling to new heights

Creating a new site for long time messages on hold provider QIKK On Hold, gave us an opportunity to use parallax scrolling. Originally used for video games, it adds moving elements to a website and works well for sites that don’t have large amounts of, or complex, content. We can see it being used for clients that wish to tell a visual story rather than a written one. Remember to mention parallax or “like the Qikk On Hold site” if you’re interested in talking to us about this memorable technique.

Safe shopping sites

Having produced many Ecommerce sites, we can not only design and develop a site that will have people clicking on ‘add to cart’ or ‘donate now,’ we also walk you through the process of setting up online payments with your bank. We recommend Eway as a payment gateway that is convenient and hassle free for both customer and merchant. Our latest website to launch featuring an online shop is Jila Arts, based in Alice Springs but now equipped to sell quality Aboriginal Art around the world.